Top 10 Product Brands on Facebook with Most Fans

Top 10 Product Brands on Facebook with Most Fans

Social Media has taken the world by storm. And Facebook is definitely the leader of the pack in the social networks. As of 2018 Q 2, Facebook has over 2.23 billion active users. It’s a staggering number of users.

The brands around the world are tapping into Facebook for social media marketing. The social media platforms are good for brands to have an active presence on the web, interact with users and also market their new products & services.

Here we look at the most prominent brands on Facebook with the highest number of members. Here we look at how these brands are building a huge community of active followers and captivation their attention:

1.Facebook for every Phone 

Facebook for every Phone

Not surprisingly, “Facebook for Every Phone” is the most-liked brand on Facebook. It has over 208.14 million likes on the page. When you download the Facebook mobile app, it prompts you to like the page. Facebook is the numero uno brand as it is expected to be on its network.

2.Samsung Mobile USA

Samsung Mobile USA

Samsung Mobile has more than 156 million likes on its facebook page. Samsung is the world’s most popular brand in many countries. Samsung is a consumer tech brand with a wide range of smart phones & electronics products.

Samsung has a vibrant Facebook community and followers. Samsung page posts short videos and posts around its latest products and devices. They also use creative marketing to entice the users by building anticipation for launch of their new products by using hashtags and countdown etc.

3.Coca Cola

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the oldest yet vibrant brands in the world. They maintain their upbeat spirit and youthful presence on Facebook too. Intriguingly, the facebook page was started by fans because Coca-Cola didn’t have official presence on FB.

Now, it is a thriving community for Coca-Cola. The company posts great content coming from fans, artists, musicians, films and conveys the essence of their brand. The visual storytelling and viral content makes it one of the most popular communities with 107+ million likes on FB.



Instagram is the most popular image sharing social media network in the world. As of 2018, they have over 1 billion users in the world.

The instagram facebook community has 54 million likes. It also has very interactive user base and high engagements per post. It’s quite addictive.

Instagram posts are created with popular trends, user insights and interests. The content is visually delightful and appealing for its users.

5.Red Bull

Red Bull

Red Bull is a widely followed content generating brand on Facebook. The energy drink company generates great articles, feature stories and videos every day for its user community.

The company also relies on its eye catching celebrity athletes and high profile sponsorship to generate interest of their followers.

Red Bull has over 49 million facebook fans.

6.Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft is the most popular enterprise company on Facebook. It has separate Facebook pages for its sub brands & products apart from its main account.

Microsoft has over thirty brands and products for its users. Microsoft also uses the platform to interact with it customers to identify new opportunities for serving its customers better.

Microsoft is a trusted brand for users around the world. Whether it is the latest happenings in the world, learning or technology, Microsoft Facebook page is a go to place for many users around the world. Microsoft has over 47.15 million fans.

7.Nike Football

Nike Football

Nike is often synonymous with brand building. The great Steve Jobs used to admire how Nike built their brand around compelling storytelling and honoring athletes.

Nike is still the brand to beat. When it comes to sports apparel, footwear & brand inspiration, Nike is easily on top of the world.

They have an inspirational Facebook page. It catches attention with great athlete videos.The Nike page has over 44.86 followers on Facebook.

8.Converse All Star

Converse All Star

Converse is one of the most followed brands in the world. It is among the top 10 brands on Facebook. Converse maintains a strong digital presence with a great eCommerce portal, interactive apps, engaging content and share worthy posts.

Converse exemplifies how brands can capture the imagination in the digital era. Converse has 44.21 million followers in its facebook community.



Oreo is another brand that is loved around the globe. It’s cookies and contents are popular with the users.

Oreo’s strategic posts are done creatively around its products. The images look very tempting & have call to action posts.

The posts often have fill-in-the-blank messages or questions for users. An example: “Oreo cookies make everyday a little more ______.”

With 43.15 million fans, Oreo stands among the most followed facebook brands.



Playstation Facebook page has plenty of interactive previews. It also has upcoming titles for the playstations. A huge community with majority of youngsters.

The facebook page has interactive demos and videos of their most popular games. The page has over 38.57 followers and is ranked the tenth most popular brand on Facebook.


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