3 Mental Exercises for Entrepreneurs to Stay on Top of Their Game

Mental Exercises for Entrepreneurs

The toughest entrepreneurs make it feel seamless. Mental exercises for entrepreneurs are one of the sure fire ways to deal with the euphoria of success and downsides of failures. 72% of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues according to a study by NIMH US. The non entrepreneurs fare better with 48% of them afflicted by mental issues. The pandemic has brought in a world of change over the past one year. People’s lives have undergone tremendous changes, whether it is their work, office or day to day chores. Entrepreneurs have had to deal with impossible situations, take care of their employees and business, all this in the midst of health apprehensions to boot. 

There is a psychological price for entrepreneurship. The highs and lows can take the toll on people. Even the best and the most famous ones are not spared. Elon Musk shared, “The reality is great highs, terrible lows and unrelenting stress. Don’t think people want to hear about the last two.”

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of the heart, it needs strong mental muscles and great resolve to fight the challenges. The best entrepreneurs develop an attitude of looking at the possibilities to evolve, no matter what is thrown at them. The pandemic is no different, the top entrepreneurs have evolved, changed themselves and their business to deal with the challenges.

Here’s a look at some mental exercises & stress busting secrets of the top entrepreneurs:

1. Minimalism
Mental Exercises for Entrepreneurs

Stress and anxiety are caused when you have to deal with too many things that need your attention. When too many things are cluttering your mind, it is hard to detach and find our zen state for peak performance. The best thing is to declutter. Do away with things you don’t need on a day to day basis. The fewer things you depend on, the more focused you become. 

Many entrepreneurs have experimented with minimalist approaches and it often brings out the best in them. Steve Jobs was a master at this. He built products that incarnate simplicity. But even in his day to day life, he removed the clutter to bring out his best. Whether it is your todo list or day to day things you need, removing everything that is not important helps you focus better.

Minimalism is the idea that you can do more with less. The best entrepreneurs do one thing at a time and do it with absolute attention.

2. Opportunities to Contribute

When you look at opportunities to contribute, it opens doors of greater possibilities for you. While it is natural for people to go into a shell, entrepreneurs need to train themselves to explore more avenues to help, service and make a positive contribution. The best entrepreneurs used the pandemic to stand for human causes they believed in, they gave helped their employees cope

The willingness to contribute in a difficult situation forces one to think positively. It changes your mindset from a problem focused to a solution centric outlook. Marc Benioff says, ““We started Salesforce because we so strongly believe that business is the greatest platform for change.”

Your ingenuity can find myriad ways of expression when you are looking to contribute. Great brands are built by standing for something that serves the way in a noble way.

Benioff has been contributing with his company, sending much needed medical supplies to India during the pandemic. He further elaborates, “This is a critical moment where every company has to do something. No one can do everything, but everybody can do something.”

3. Pursue Hobby Outside of Work

Mental Exercises for Entrepreneurs
Great entrepreneurs have a wide world view. It helps when you can take away time from your work and pursue things that genuinely interest you. The best entrepreneurs cultivate hobbies and interests outside work. The hobbies give them a break from their monotonous routines & help them see things from a new perspective.

The hobby groups also help entrepreneurs develop networks. These networks could be useful to get feedback and inputs from people, especially from different & diverse backgrounds.

Phil Knight had a passion for running. Even after his long and grueling days in the early stages of building Nike, he still found time for running. He ran at night and that gave him the mental space he needed to transform Nike into a globally iconic brand. Entrepreneurs are good at finding ways to make things happen and beat the odds. Mental exercises for entrepreneurs
like running, exercising and meditation give ample space and time for self reflection.

Outdoor activities and hobbies are a great way to build physical stamina and strength. It is a surefire way to rejuvenate yourself mentally. Even indoor hobbies like music can do a world of good for you & relax your mind. Warren Buffett is known to play a musical instrument called Ukulele (like a Guitar) and loves collecting musical instruments too.

Pursuing a hobby can let you off your steam, come back recharged mentally and physically to handle your business challenges. Successful entrepreneurs understand that it takes time, patience and to build a great business. Tough times don’t last, but tough entrepreneurs do.


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