The Most Common Interview Mistakes You Can Avoid

Interview Mistakes You Can Avoid

Interview is an important aspect for every job seeker. It gives you the opportunity to present yourself in the best manner for the profile. One must be seriously prepared if you want yourself to be considered. This is the time when you need to have a good score and performance for taking a step ahead with your future job.

As there is a cut-throat competition in the market regarding the job, you should be well prepared not to make any mistakes. Every interviewer will have different calibre and proficiency, which will be based on the position you want to apply. There are certain simple mistakes that the interviewee makes which can lead to the disqualification from the position.

So below is a checklist of some simple mistakes that can cost you your job. Read it thoroughly and know how to increase your chances of getting selected.

1. Late Arrival :

If you arrive late, that clearly shows how poor your time management is! Tardiness is not a good behaviour. Do not arrive too early ie half an hour before. It can create inconvenience to the interviewer which can lead to the starting of interview with a wrong note.

Arriving 10-15 minutes early depicts how punctual and organised you are. Also, it allows you to check yourself and take some time to relax. In case there is some unavoidable situation; call and let the organisation know.

2. Being Unprepared :

Being Unprepared

Lack of preparation may lead to an opportunity crusher. Many candidates do a last minute preparation, creating a stressful environment and looking tired. This increases in suppressing the vital information which ends up giving a bad impression to the interviewer. Steve martin rightly quoted, “Be so good that they can’t ignore you”. So be prepared and don’t forget researching about the company as it will help you surely.

Keep all your important documents well organised that you need to carry to the interview. Above all this, preparing may help in calming yourself down.

3. Inappropriate Dressing :

Never judge a book by its cover! Right? But wait, this does not apply in case of interviewers; they do judge you. If you are not properly dressed it may create a negative impression before you introduce yourself. It also increases the chances of rejection.

So, dress appropriately, look neat and avoid extreme fashionable outfits. In case of confusion, just call up the department or the company’s HR to ask about the outfit. It will help you in attending the interview in a proper formal attire.

4. Constant use of Cell Phone :

Constant use of Cell Phone

This is what annoys interviewer the most. According to the survey of 64 percent of the hiring managers, it is found out that answering a text or call during an interview is the fastest way to ruin your golden opportunity. It shows how least interested and serious you are for the interview. It even demonstrates the respect towards your interviewer and his time.

So, avoid this by simply silencing or switching off your cell phone before the commencement of interview.

5. Treating it as a Monologue :

Job seekers usually take interviews as a one way communication. Don’t do this mistake. Ask questions as interview is not just a monologue, but a dialogue. This shows show passionate and motivated you are towards your role. You need to ask questions as it will help you to discover more about the job and existing employers.

Be wise enough while asking the questions, ignore the personal ones and focus on the ones that will help you to gather more information about the workplace.

6. Fidgeting too much :

Fidgeting too much

Body language plays a crucial role in your interview. Try not to fidget too much as it depicts a bad behaviour and recruiters think that you have an important place to visit or work to do, rather than attending the interview.

A recent survey of hiring managers showed that 26 percent of interviewees faced a rejection due to fidgeting. This depicts that you have lack of motivation and confidence. This habit can destroy your prospects of being a potential hire.

At the end, don’t just simply walk out, rather speak up, “I’d look forward to be a successful candidate” or “It’ll be a great opportunity to work with you”. These simple gestures show your infatuation towards the job. This is the best thing one can end an interview with.


Now, that you know what things you have to take care of in an interview, crack your interview and stay positive. It is rightly quoted ,“ A job interview is not a test of your knowledge but your ability to use it at the right time.” Good luck!


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