3 Things Exceptional Brands Do to Stand Out from the Crowd

There are more people vying for your attention today than ever before. Starting a business has got easier and consumers are music from the marketers constantly. People are annoyed at the sheer frequency with which they are targeted from these sales persons. But exceptional brands like Apple, Nike, Google etc. are built from the heart, they know how to connect with people and make their world better.

These exceptional brands are part of our daily lives and we cannot imagine our world without them. These brands transform businesses, industries and shape the future.

1. They Connect on a Deeper Level

No matter the sport-no matter the human endeavor, really-total effort will win people’s hearts.”

Phil Knight

Nike is the most successful shoe company in the world. The story of how Nike was built by Phil Knight is a fascinating account of what it takes to build a great brand. When Phil Knight started his company called Blue Ribbon (Later renamed Nike), he along with his team went to every ground, met athletes and coaches to deliver what people wanted.

Nike took great pains and care to build the right shoes for the athletes and noted every minute detail possible. Jeff Johnson who was the first employee of Nike sold shoes by meeting customers at the grounds, wrote letters asking them how they fared in their races and other athletic events. His correspondence with the customers also included taking feedback, which was used by Nike for building better shoes. The story of Nike is all about connecting with people.

Great brands have a way to connect with their customers. They display an amazing level of commitment to deliver things to delight their audience. The great brands are able to connect because they show the extra care that establishes a deeper relationships with their consumers.

2. They Stand for Greater Good

When Nike was built, they stood for honoring the athletes. Apple was built for the creative types, Microsoft had a mission of putting a computer on every desk. The truly exceptional brands are driven by a greater mission. It’s the mission that reinforces their identity and helps them deliver the goods. 

Great brands inspire people and make them feel special. It is this pride & love for a brand that drives companies to unfathomable heights. Customers trust brands when they are positively influencing the society and making their lives better in some way.

When Google started, their objective was to organise the world’s information. They built something truly helpful and valuable for people and attracted their success. The core of their business was to build something that will help people find the information they were looking for to make their lives better.

3. Build Monumental Things

“Focus on building the best possible business. If you are great, people will notice and opportunities will appear.”

Mark Cuban

Building great products & services is the only way you stay in businesses. Exceptional brands are built by attracting the best opportunities. When brands build their products and services with passion and commitment, people take notice and serendipity happens.  

Apple and Nike nearly went bankrupt. But they came back from behind by focusing on building monumental products. They won the hearts of their customers due by their sheer efforts and quality of work. Striving is in the DNA of these exceptional companies.

When Apple introduced its stellar products like Macintosh, iMac, Macbook & iphone, it took the world by storm. The products that Apple launched were a cut above the rest. The iphone launched by Steve Jobs in 2007 captured the imagination of our generation. It became one of the highest selling products of all time.

Great brands are not afraid to put in an enormous amount of hard work into the things they build. They keep pushing the levels of excellence and deliver lasting value for their customers. It takes time and resilient efforts to build remarkable things, but then the rewards are disproportionate. Top brands know that every effort they put in will eventually compound with time and return with rich dividends in the future.

The most successful companies stand out, stay committed and weather the strongest storms of change, because they are deeply rooted in their mission & never give up.


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