7 Traits of Highly Admired Leaders

Highly Admired Leaders

A leader is a force multiplier. When teams truly believe in their leader, they are able to do accomplish incredible things.

What makes leaders highly admired? Well, there are some traits of leadership that make people stand out. These traits help individuals rise to another level and inspire trust in others.

Great leaders are able to connect, inspire and elevate their followers to the next level. Here’s a look at some of the most admired qualities of leaders:

1. Stay Positive

Stay Positive

Great leaders always set their sites on a lofty goal. They aspire to reach and push others to higher levels all the time. They know how to create a happy,  motivated and focused team for achieving shared goals.

When things go wrong and don’t work as per expectations, good leaders take charge of the situation. They confront problems and do not blame others. They resolve to provide solutions and in the process inspire others to do so as well.

Even in the worst situations and catastrophic failures, they do their best to save individuals and teams. They know that they are responsible for the well being of their teams. They stay positive and encourage others during tough times.

2. They take ownership of their mistakes and failures

No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, but rarely do leaders admit their failures. A leader who can openly admit his mistakes and failures builds a rapport with the team.

The most admired leaders take ownership of what they do, especially the mistakes. Many leaders are quick to blame others and try to point fingers in adverse situations. But great leaders take responsibility and make others accountable too.

3. Results


A leader is admired when he can deliver the results. Whether it is the sports teams or corporate ones, the truly outstanding leaders deliver the results.

How effectively a leader can maximise the strengths of his teams shows his mettle. The truly capable leaders have the ability to look ahead, to plan, anticipate and achieve great results.

Admirable leaders have the ability to anticipate trends, see what others miss and rally their teams to achieve remarkable things. They are able to visualise and communicate goals with clarity to energise people around them.

4. Focus

Focus is one of the most important things for leaders today. A great leader is always doing the things that create maximum value. They know the importance of energy, time and focus. They maximise their impact by focusing on the things that are truly important.

A great leader always helps the teams to focus on the right things. Leaders align their teams in the right direction and eliminate all distractions. They know what needs to be achieved by themselves & by others.

Great leaders focus on strengths of people and combine them in a way that everyone benefits from each other. They have clarity and bring intense focus to do things that seem impossible for others.

5. Collaborate without Ego

Collaborate without Ego

The leaders need to collaborate and work with people to succeed. Many a times, leaders are let down by their ego. They are unable to check their egos and it often leads to conflicts with others.

Leadership is the ability to bring out the best in people, helping them to improve and making a positive contribution to everyone around you.

The truly admirable leaders are able to build bridges and find ways to collaborate with others. They know the art of making connections, fostering long term relationships and helping people succeed.

6. Value Everyone

A good leader treats everyone fairly without any bias. The standards are same for everyone and you can expect no undue favours from them.

Leaders create an environment where people know what they do is important. They know that their contribution matters, they know they are valued and want to be part of the team.

A leader ensures that people are driven by important things that will add meaning and create impact. They know how to bring everyone to a common platform where people can make contribute towards a bigger cause.

7. They Do it Themselves

They Do it Themselves

People rarely listen to leaders, they simply watch what leaders do. Leaders never expect others to do what they don’t do themselves. They walk the talk. They are authentic, committed and know what it takes to be successful.

A great leader backs people when they are down, supports them in failures and prepares them to take on bigger challenges. A leader leads by examples in all he is doing. He is setting the benchmarks by his own performance and work ethics. When the team can look up to their leaders, they rise to his standards and achieve great thing in the process.


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