7 Incredible Ways to Improve your Luck


Is luck entirely beyond your control? Not really. There is research to suggest that you can improve your luck. Yes, professor Richard Wiseman who wrote the book Luck Factor studied over 1,000 people

Here is what Richard had to say about luck, “What the work shows as a whole is that people can change their luck. Luck is not something paranormal in nature. It’s something that we are creating by our thoughts and behavior.”

You can change your luck by changing your thoughts, behaviour and actions. You attract your own luck by what you do. It’s that simple. In other words, luck is not entirely beyond your control.

There are a few exceptions like people who are born in a very rich family or rare talent, more often than not majority of the successful people work hard to earn their luck.

Lucky people make the most of what they have got, they persevere, learn and work hard. They remain open minded and committed and do everything they can to attract luck. Here are seven incredible ways to improve your luck.

1. Be Optimistic

Expect the best. Believe that you are lucky. People who believe they are lucky are more receptive to the opportunities around them.  It sounds strange, but it is true.

Being optimistic is especially important when you’re going through tough times. As a result, most people give up. But optimistic people believe that they will see through the tough times and eventually rewarded with great things in life.

Several studies have shown that optimistic people tend to make the most of the situation, they are less stressed and more likely to succeed in their chosen fields.

2. Feed Your Mind with Positivity

Feed Your Mind with Positivity

Lucky people surround themselves with positive people. They like being with people whose frequency matches theirs.

Lucky people build the right networks and circles. They build good relationships by being trustworthy. They know the value of long lasting relationships.

Your circle of friends, colleagues, books you read and your attitude towards things defines who you are. If you are surrounded by positivity, chances are that you will be able to take on bigger challenges in life.

Lucky people understand the value of training their minds to look at positive in any situation. The most successful people don’t delve on negative things, but see things from a positive perspective.

3. Be Open to Opportunities

In his book Luck Factor, Wiseman writes, “Lucky people create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives.”

Lucky people attract opportunities by doing what they do very well. They get noticed because of the sheer quality of the work they do. They are hard to forget, because they push the limits and offer something extra ordinary.

In other words, everything that you do is a great chance for you to create your own opportunities in life. When you are doing the ordinary and mundane, your opportunities will be limited. But when you step out of your comfort zone, you will see your opportunities will multiply.

So keep trying new things, push yourself to learn, improve and accept hard challenges. As Stemen says, “I think the luckiest people are those who are always open … and that allows them to seize opportunities as they happen.”

4. Believe in Karma

Believe in Karma

Karma is a fundamental tenet of Hinduism and Buddhism. It basically says every action has a consquence. If you do good, you will get good things in life and vice versa. What goes around, comes around.

People who believe in karma know that whatever they will do will come back to them. It is a simple yet very powerful way to live a good life. Even the likes of Steve Jobs believed in karma and it helped them shape their philosophy in life.

You cant do bad things to other people and expect happy outcomes for yourself.

People who venture out to help others, are kind hearted, make meaningful connections, & do good create their own luck.

5. Trust your instincts & Go with the flow

In a study, 90% of lucky people said they trusted their intuition in regards to personal relationships and nearly 80% said that it played a large role in their career choices. Unlucky people trusted their gut far less. They scored roughly 20% less in those areas.

Lucky people tend to make the big choices with their deep hearted conviction and trust their intuition. It can make a big difference in the eventual outcomes of life.

Lucky people devote themselves fully to anything they do. They create opportunities by doing their best and working with absolute flow.

The most notable scientific inventions, masterpieces of art and great work in any field owes to intuition and flow. Great work often attracts great opportunities too.

6. Show Up

Show Up

Lucky people show up and do whatever it takes. They know the value of work ethic, showing up and doing their day to day tasks with integrity.

Lucky people increase their chances of winning by playing consistently to the best of their abilities. They know the value of persistence and show up day in day out to achieve what they want.

In any field, when you give more, you receive more. Luck favors those who are well prepared.

7. Great Energy

Lucky people never grouse what they are doing. They are infact passionate about what they are doing. It helps them create tremendous energy and enthusiasm that rubs off on other people as well.

When you work with lot of passion and energy, you attract great possibilities in your life. The sheer involvement and enthusiasm with which you undertake things can dictate the results.

Passionate people are able to endure the difficult moments, because they have a very deep commitment with the things they are doing.

Lucky people never blame the circumstances, situations or other people. They do their best wherever they are and keep rising in life.

No one is lucky all the time. But lucky people make the most of the opportunities they get, take the initiative and go for it when they can.


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