New Study on 9 Habits of Highly Productive People


Let’s admit it. We are all under pressure to get more done in less time.

But, it is not always the length of time, but the quality and efficiency that determines what you achieve in that time. Productivity is a big deal.

What makes people highly productive and efficient? Well, several studies have shown some consistent habits and patterns of highly productive individuals.

Here we look at habits that make makes people super productive and efficient. It is often the small things that make a big difference:

1. Uninterrupted time

 Uninterrupted time

Interruptions are the biggest hurdles for getting things done. In a study done by Luxafor, 49% of people cited interruptions by colleagues and distractions (online and offline) as their biggest challenges for staying productive at work.

The productive people have a way to put in uninterrupted time on the most important tasks. They achieve more than others because they put quality time and concentrated efforts.

2. Focused Efforts

Focused Efforts

How do you define focus? Warren Buffet says “You say no to most things.” It is about deciding what the most important things are and then devoting your time to them.

The productive people are highly focused. They do fewer things but better. Constantly switching tasks and doing too many things at one time can be counterproductive for you.

3. Do the hardest things first

You don’t have the same energy levels throughout the day. When you have peak energy levels, you should crack your toughest problems for the day. This is what productive people focus on.

The work which requires less focus and energy can be scheduled after lunch or during your less productive times.

Productive people are consistent. They are reliable, because they get things done. They understand how they can focus their energies on solving hard problems.

4. Ruthless Priorities

The most productive people have great sense of prioritisation. They understand the most important & urgent things that need their attention. They plan well and make use of every available hour in their day.

The top productive people don’t check emails, social media and their smart phones compulsively.

Productive people schedule their tasks in order of priority. They get things on a roll by finishing off things quickly and accomplish more in the day.

5. Expertise & Skills

 Expertise & Skills

When you do well in an organisation, things don’t get easy for you. Infact, expectations from you keep rising.

How do you handle the growing demands from your work, family and become more valuable? The most productive people spend time to constantly improve themselves, learn new skills and keep themselves up to date.

Productive people understand that the skills and expertise constantly need refinement. What works today will be outdated tomorrow.

6. Organised Routine & Checklists

 Organised Routine & Checklists

Productive people spend time to re-energise themselves. They create routines which help them to stay charged and energetic. They make use of every possible help to improve their work ethic and performance.

When your work requires you to analyse lot of complex things, and requires diligence in everything. Checklists are very useful. Various professionals like doctors, pilots, programmers are all known to benefit from these checklists.

Checklists reduce the burden on your brain and organise things for you. They boost efficiency, save time, reduce mistakes and free up your mind for more creative work.

7. To do List with Time

To do List with Time

Creating a simple todo list of the most important things for the day can be a great start. Even in this smart phone driven world, a simple todo list on a piece of paper can do wonders to boost your productivity.

When you write your todo list for the day, schedule time for completing those tasks too. In that sense, it will give you a good sense on what you’ll be able to do for the day.

Cal Newport, an author and productivity expert says, “Scheduling forces you to confront the reality of how much time you actually have and how long things will take. Assigning work to times reduces the urge to procrastinate. You are no longer deciding whether or not to work during a given period; the decision is already made.”

8. Sense of Urgency & Self Driven

Sense of Urgency & Self Driven

You can simply spend time without creating value by being unproductive. But, it will be a great disservice to you and your time.

The most productive people are highly driven. They are proactive; they are self driven and understand that productive time creates value.

You can control your day or let the day control you. But every single day and every single hour is important. The best professionals work with a sense of urgency.

Productive people create value by getting things moving, solving problems and making the best use of their time.

9. Mission Driven & Pride in their work

Results speak for themselves. No one will ever ask you how much time you put into things; they will ask what you achieved. When the results are impressive, you become successful.

The most productive people take great pride in what they are doing. They benchmark themselves against the best and constantly work towards creating world class things.

When you’re involved with what you’re doing at a deep level, it makes you more productive and efficient.

Successful people enjoy what they do and take great pride in their work. They have a mission of doing their best. They know the things they are building will eventually build them.


Productivity is a result of acquired skills and competence. You can be as productive and efficient as you want to be. There is nothing magical about people who get more done in the same time. It is something that you can achieve and acquire by putting efforts in the right direction.


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