8 Must Know Secrets of High Achievers

High Achievers

Everyone wants to excel in life and be a top achiever. But very few of us are able to deserve recognition of high achievers.

Is it natural flair or talent that contributes to achievement? Or is it hard work, application and persistent that brings our greatest rewards in life? Well, scientific studies show that there are some fairly common traits and secrets of high achievers.

You can adopt them to improve yourself and do better in your life too. Here’s a look at the secrets of the high achievers.

1. They Improve with Time

They Improve with Time

“Be better today than you were yesterday. Be better tomorrow than you were yesterday.”

– Lorenzo Snow

No one is perfect. It is just that some people choose the improve themselves and get better all their lives, whereas others give up.

It is not your university or college degree that determines your success in life. It is your application, work ethic and dedication to improving yourself. High achievers make their time count. They get things done and are constantly getting better in whatever they do.

Great achievers in any field are constantly looking for feedback and evaluate their performance to improve. They look at effective ways to enhance their skills to get to the next level and attain mastery.

2. Self Awareness

“But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

– Albert Einstein

High achievers know their strengths and weaknesses. They have high degree of self awareness. They understand who they are & what they want to do.

When you develop self awareness, you are able to connect with yourself better. You have a better sense of direction and commitment. You understand your moods, emotions & don’t respond better to challenges around you.

People who rise to the top in their fields cultivate a sense of understanding about themselves. They take up challenges with a positive perspective and know how to handle themselves to give their best. They are more calm, assertive and focused in their undertakings.

3. Say No

Say No

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

– Warren Buffett

Focus starts by saying no to things that are not important. When you can figure out where you want to invest your time and energy, you can maximise the gains.

People who are ordinary and mediocre tend to indulge in everything. Very successful people prioritize their time and energy in a specific direction.

People who change their direction too often seldom reach any worthwhile goals in the life. The best achievements in any pursuit require ultimate focus, time and energy.

4. Work Hard

The work ethic of high achievers separate them from others. They consistently put in more hours per week & have a strong work ethic.

In his book, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, Pritchett writes, “Sooner or later, the great men turn out to be all alike. They never stop working. They never lose a minute. It is very depressing.”

There are references to great achievers like Graham Bell, inventor of telephone who tended to work around the clock, allowing himself only three or four hours of sleep a night. He even continued working for upto 24 hours at a stretch when occupied with novel ideas.

Hard work and strong work ethic are the basic foundation of all high achievers.

5. Flexible & Persistent

Flexible & Persistent

High achievers are flexible and adapt according to situations. They are willing, open minded and take feedback from others. However, they are persistent in their goals. They do not change their goals, but are flexible in the ways that take them to their goals.

These people don’t let failures hold them back. They persist, find new ways to get things done and ultimately achieve what they want.

6. Track Results Not Time

“Your time is the most valuable asset with you; invest it, where you get best returns.”

– Apoorve Dubey

Top achievers track their results not the time spent on their activities. When you are spending your time learning things, experimenting and building yourself, it will pay off in the long run.

The most successful people spend their time pursuing important things. They understand that time spent on doing things they are passionate about will bring the results they deserve. They pursue things with full vigor and enthusiasm.  

7. Get Moving

Get Moving

High achievers take time from their schedule to refuel their energies. They understand the importance of morning routine and connecting with themselves. They set out time where they exercise, walk or meditate.

The time you take out to sharpen your knife improves its performance. The top achievers devote time to stay fit and it helps them.

There is a strong statistic correlation between your health and achievements. People who take care of their body and minds do much better and for a sustained period than others.

8. Maintain a Balance

If you succeed in one facet of your life and fail in every other, you wouldn’t be called a success. The top achievers are able to strike a balance between things that matter to them.

Whether it is the family, health, social connection or hobbies, they consciously schedule time for it. They know how to connect with others, live a truly fulfilling & meaningful life.


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