This is What Meditation does for Your Career Growth

Meditation for Career Growth

Meditation is being practiced since centuries. It is one of the most transformational habits that you can develop. Meditation helps in building and improving our well being rapidly. This practice helps reducing the stress and anxiety at workplace which in turn leads your mind into a state of calmness, helping you to relax.

Meditation helps our brain to digest the information constantly bothering us, rather than just gulping it down. Michael Carroll, the meditation expert, says,” The practice teaches us to slow down instead of trying to be faster, better or quicker.”

Practicing regular meditation can help you to build a foundation for success. Scientific studies show that mediating on a regular basis helps in boosting your career. It can be helpful for your routine job as it helps in settling down your mind from an extreme stressful situation, making you more productive.

There are various positive aspects of meditation which are covered in this article.

1. Reduced Anxiety

 Meditation for Anxiety

Anxiety is often triggered by the limbic system, a part of our brain which is responsible for emotional behaviour. Meditation helps to settle our overactive brain which in turn helps in reducing the anxiety.

“For someone with anxiety, it sometimes feel like their mind is like a  hamster on a wheel-constantly running, but not really getting anywhere”, says Corboy, founder and director of OCD Centre of Los Angeles. It has been proven that meditation helps to decrease the activation of amygdala.

2. Higher Concentration

The practice of meditation helps in increasing concentration which in turn leads to better productivity at work. It helps in focusing and decluttering your mind to reduce stress.

Various studies show that people who meditate on a regular basis have a higher concentration than those who don’t.

3. Improved Communication


Clear communication is an essential part of running day-to-day operations in a business. A stress-free mind expresses clear thoughts which helps in building a good communication at your workplace. For this, meditation is a powerful tool.

4. Boosts Creativity

Studies have been done specifically to determine the ability of problem solving in the people who meditate. The result of these studies show that people who do not meditate are more rigid than the ones who are regular.

Also, the non-meditators have a difficulty in providing solutions or provide outdated denouements as compared to those who meditate.

5. Decision Making

Meditate for Creativity

Meditations provides a clarity to the mind which in turn helps in better decision making. Decisions should not be made out of fear or anxiety. Under stressful conditions our brain loses its ability to concentrate resulting in lack of decision making.

Meditations helps in training the brain to be mindful and away from distractions. This in turn leads to quick and better decision making.

6. Creates Positivity

The more tensed you are, the more negative you become towards your work and environment. It becomes tough to control the stressful situation and be positive. In these cases meditation helps to focus the important things and keeps away the polarity.

As we all know that positivity play a vital role in completion of tasks and providing a clarity for your future goals. A positive environment is necessary for attaining success and growth in career. All these can be achieved by spending only a few minutes on thoughtfulness.

7. Restoration of Energy

Meditation for Health

Our body drains energy very quickly when its in anxiety or depression and to overcome this, meditation is the solution. It can beat all the fancy energy drinks out in the market and is free from any side effects too!

Meditation keeps your energy level high, which helps in completion of the work within set time limits, keeping you determined towards your goal.

8. Improves Health:

As per a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, “You must meditate for a minimum of 12 to 15 minutes at a time to get the health benefits of it.” The meditation helps you in slowing down brain activity and stay relaxed.

Since the brain is connected with every cell in the human body, when you are relaxed, it creates well being & improves your overall health too.

9. Practice it Regularly

Meditation for Youth

One can practice meditation anywhere that makes you feel serene. It requires a quiet place free from any disturbances.  You can choose your own time, whether be it a few minutes or an hour. It has no age limit; it’s for everyone and results are truly mesmerizing. Practicing it regularly can create a world of difference for you.

So, including meditation in your daily routine will help you in various ways as described above in the article. Also, it does not require a huge amount of subscriptions unlike the gym ones. Make your life happening and stress-free by meditating just for a few minutes daily.


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