5 Reasons Why Brands Should Use Videos


Short videos are all over the internet. People like to share clips of videos for fun, learning and out of curiosity. Brands around the world are using videos to engage their visitors, tell stories about themselves and even improving their conversions.

Short videos typically less than 2 minutes are powerful attention grabbers. They are used by brands increasingly to build brand awareness. Consumers are hooked to Youtube, Vimeo and other video platforms.

1. Build Brand Awareness

Build Brand Awareness

Videos are great way to build brand awareness, introduce your ideas, products and services to the customers. A video can help your brand to deliver its messaging in a very subtle way without intending to sell things directly. As per study done by Google, 90% of people say they discovered new brands on Youtube.

Videos capture users attention and improve your brand recall value. If your videos are done creatively, people even share videos with their friends and family. A study conducted on Understanding the role of digital video marketing revealed, 4 in 5 people say digital video helps them learn new things or reduce stress.

2. Position Your Brand as Expert

Videos are creative ways of introducing concepts to the audience. These videos can help your brand to establish itself as an expert by addressing customer’s concerns in the video. The videos can address the key issues, concerns and questions of your customers. Once you start to do that, you can establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

Advertising and marketing can be done with lot of creativity using these short videos. Many companies are creating videos to educate their consumers on a wide range of topics like how to videos, lists, and other developments in their fields. These videos can great traction for them and open new avenues for business.

3. Content Marketing & SEO

Content Marketing & SEO

Videos are a great way to create compelling content and connect with the audience. When brands are churning out so much content to entice the users, videos are particularly useful in helping them standout.

With billions of pages on the web, videos are very effective in improving SEO rankings of a web page. One of the important metrics for ranking high on Google is the time spent by visitors on your website or webpage. This time increases significantly on web pages with engaging videos. It also helps to improve search rankings for the web pages.

Videos are very effective for SEO and content marketing. These are also shared by people on social media increasing chances for generating more links to your web page and improving its rankings in search results.

4. Convey Your Story & Connect

A gripping video can convey the story of a brand, why it exists and what it intends to do. It can help a brand to articulate its purpose and connect with the world. Videos are a great way to humanize a brand.

Videos can show emotions, convey meaning and connect with consumers. These videos can make your brand more appealing by building an emotional connection with people and increasing trust.

5. Videos Can help Your Sales

Videos Can help Your Sales

Videos can help you sell your products and services. It can improve conversion ratio of your web pages and help you grow your business online. As per Google/Ipsos study titled How People Shop with Youtube, More than half of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy.

The video is emerging as an important aid for consumers in every stage of their buying cycle. Whether it is discovering a brand, gathering information, or making a purchase, video is influencing consumers. As per Video brewery, 64% of people who visit a business website are likely to buy their product after watching a video.

Apparently, videos are emerging as a very potent tool for brands to woo digital consumers, articulate their stories and grow their business. Videos are emerging as the new frontier for companies to engage, entertain and create customers.